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White Sand and Stone

Chinese Taoist Fasting

Shenfeng Acupuncture Fasting

Fasting is a method of keeping healthy handed down from ancient times in order to prolong life and increase wisdom. This ancient knowledge has been continuously inherited and developed in the baptism of thousands of years. At present, it is gaining new vitality and attracting more and more attention from modern people. Through special training, people can reach the state of "full of energy without thinking about food", to break through the natural restriction of eating for more than 7 days. People can show no hunger, comfortable, full of energy, and their movements and steps are the same as ordinary people, even more than ordinary people. Fasting is different from the concepts of dieting, food restriction, and fasting, which are often mentioned by modern people. The latter has to be enforced. However, fasting is a functional state after the promotion of the spirit and the stimulation of human potential.

"Shenfeng acupuncture fasting health preservation" is summed up by Master Kong Lingzi, deputy director of the Guangxi (China) ASEAN Cultural Communication Research Institute, on the basis of the traditional Shenfeng acupuncture fasting (a secret technique of Xuanmen). Shenfeng acupuncture fasting technique is a secret technique of Xuanmen, which has been passed down through the ages and has been a sectarian secret. Different techniques, through the function of the meridians, promote the smooth flow of Qi and blood in the body, and guide the balance and cure, to quickly relieve the pain of the patient. Because of its unique technique, the magical curative effect has been secret, the same way can fully know the master is also few and far between.

Master Konglingzi has been devoted to life science research for more than 30 years. In the early 1980s, she began to engage in the study of traditional culture. He has studied Maoshan Taoist Method, Neixiu Dan Method, Emei Taoist Method, and other kung fu methods successively under the guidance of folk hermits. He created Shenfeng Acupuncture Fasting Health by taking the Taoist fasting technique, which has been passed down for thousands of years, as the main method, so that the human body can close the acquired Qi and activate the innate Qi. Through the supplement and adjustment of its own innate Qi, it can achieve the balance of yin and yang in the human body, clear the blocked meridians, and smooth the blockage of Qi and blood. Cultivating the mind, strengthening the body, detoxifying and beautifying the face, enhancing immunity, and prolonging life.

It stimulates people's potential through a four-in-one systematic method of acupuncture points along the meridians, information transmission, Qigong training, external aid, and energy supplementation, and promotes the human body to enter a state of fasting. After 5-7 days of fasting, lost 2.5-7.5 Kg of weight, body was well conditioned, and mind was rapidly improved. It reduces body fat quickly, does not hurt the body, does not fatigue, does not affect work and study, easily lose weight in health preservation, regain health in weight loss, closely integrate health preservation, life, and work, and make complex fasting health preservation The technique is simplified, life-like, and modernized. Participants can easily complete the whole process of fasting so that more people have the opportunity and time to experience the magic of fasting health.

Shenfeng acupuncture fasting Technique, which reduces complexity to simplicity, fundamentally reflects the nature of the Dao.


Imparting skills

Taking Qi method: take the essence of the sun and the moon, take the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, so that the body is full, the body is full of Qi, and the energy is doubled!

Energy gathering method: fast access to the universe's high-level energy, sense the nature! Get through the human body meridian eight veins, enhance people's inspiration, make people optimistic and open-minded, understand the world, open wisdom and wisdom, prolong the years!

Health preservation characteristics

1. It is a systematic method of stimulating people's potential through meridian points, information transmission, training, and nourishing qi, and external assistance. Make the body quickly enter the state of the tallow, so that the tallow can be completed easily and joyfully.

2. Shenfeng acupuncture fasting and traditional fasting has a great difference, it changed passive fasting into active fasting, so as to realize the fast effect of the fasting, point acupuncture points can enter the state of fasting. This kind of point and valley technique has good maneuverability. The whole process is carried out in six steps, namely:

  •  Communication information ② gathering energy ③ opening acupuncture points and arrange Qi

④ Activate psionic energy ⑤ Seal acupuncture points and consolidate the yuan ⑥ point the acupuncture points and promote body fluid

3. Shenfeng acupuncture fasting no need to endure hunger. Shenfeng acupuncture fasting stems from traditional Taoist techniques, research, and development basis of Qi has broken the traditional fasting, solved the problem of the energy transfer time space Healers can remotely replenish Qi to people who are fasting, anywhere can help people quickly improve energy move heaven and earth spirit, effectively solve people short of discomfort, As the period of fasting lengthens, the spirit will become more vigorous and the thinking will become clearer than usual, while other fasting methods tend to have a continuous strong feeling of hunger, and people will become more and more spiritless.

4. Shenfeng acupuncture fasting, does not affect normal work and life. No matter how long each fasting, only at the beginning need to point acupuncture points, do not need to do it every day, after startup fasting people achievement method to operate in accordance with the guidance, can continue to complete fasting at home in any place. Does not affect work and family daily life. Simplify, modernize, and modernize complex bigu health techniques.

5. The effect of Shenfeng acupuncture fasting is stable and significant. People can easily complete fasting for more than 7 days, and many diseases can be recovered. We have accumulated rich experience in many years of practice, and the effect is able to stand the test.


Seven benefits

1. Discharge feces, strengthen the stomach, clear toxins, improve cell vitality, activate internal organs, and restore weakened or diseased organs.

2. Unblock and soften blood vessels, revive nerves, smooth blood circulation, and avoid embolism.

3. Unblock the meridians, eliminate stasis and remove blood stasis, make the meridians unobstructed, and restore the self-regulating function.

4. Magic weight loss, eliminate excess body fat, lose 2.5 to 7.5 kg.

5. Regulate diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, skin disease, heart disease, gastric ulcer, breast hyperplasia, tumor, cancer, headache, insomnia, and other common problems! Eliminate cellulite, cholesterol, liver and gallstones, and other toxic substances in the body, and restore a clean environment in the body.

6. Beauty and beauty, physiological rejuvenation, reduction of wrinkles, lightening of freckles, ruddy, shiny and elastic skin, beauty from the inside out, restoring youthful vitality.

7. Open the innate life system, and continuously link the high-level energy of the universe in sitting, sleeping, walking, and walking, making people feel more peaceful in their hearts, clear in their minds, sharp in thinking, develop the right brain wisdom, and stimulate the potential of life! 


Why the need to fast?

1. The proportion of sub-healthy people has risen sharply, and about 70% of people are in a sub-healthy state!

2. Food safety problems occur frequently. Toxins, pesticides, air pollution, and toxic residues are eroding our bodies.

3. The level of work tension is too high, and the pressure of life is increasing.

4. High blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high blood lipids are quietly approaching.

5. The phenomenon of serious strain on shoulders, neck, waist, and legs is widespread.

6. The transportation and transformation functions of the spleen and stomach generally decline.

7. Insufficient time spent on exercise means the mind is seriously overdrawn.

8. The number of people with qi and blood deficiency continues to increase, and the state of energy and spirit is low!

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